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WB Live Chat from TCA Presstour '98

WBStar: Next up, Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek....

WBStar: Joshua Jackson's here.

WBStar: And he's here...

WBStar: JOSHUA: I'll try ot to spell Tori Spelling.

WBStar: JOSHUA plays Pacey on Dawson's Creek.

WBStar: Let's get into it....

louise: JOSH Did you ever have at it with a teacher?

WBStar: Joshua: I've never slept with any English teachers.

WBStar: Joshua: But if any English teachers want to come forward now...

elliot: JOSH If James is Rob Lowe, which brat packer would you be - Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson or Andrew McCarthy?

WBStar: Joshua: If Miss Stopple's out there...

WBStar: JOSHUA: I'll go with Emilio...because I know him.

WBStar: I'll have to think about that one. Maybe Andrew McCarthy. I feel ike a multi-BratPacker, I channel their spirit throug me.\

bubbaJoe: JOSH Has all the press about the show changed you from a nice Canadian boy to a wild Hollywood type?

WBStar: Joshua: Unfortunately, I was never a nice Canadian boy...

WBStar: Joshua: I wouldn't say Hollywood, since I've been in North Carolina.

louise: JOSH What's it like kissing an older woman.

WBStar: JOSHUA: Quite nice thank you.

WBStar: Joshua: I don't think I've changed, but everyone says that.

WBStar: JOSHUA: I had to do a lot of takes on that, I wanted to make sure it was exactly right.

WBStar: JOSHUA: She was very cool about it, I was impressed by how gracefu she was with it.

WBStar: JOSHUA: She was having pangs of guilt because of the real-life teacher/student coupling.\

tvfan: JOSH Do YOU want to be on the cover of Tiger Beat?

WBStar: Joshua: I think James was sleepy that day and didn't know what he was talking about.

WBStar: Joshua: I've been in them before.... I don't read them, but there's a reason these magazines exist.

WBStar: Joshua: My sister is just growing out of that stage... I'd be thankful that someone wants to help my career.

FresnoGirl: JOSH Are you going to be in any movies soon?

WBStar: JOSHUA: Apt Pupil with Brad Renfro and Ian McKellan - that no-talent Brit guy.

WBStar: If anybody else wants to give me a job...

Willow4: Hey Joshua! In the commercial, it shows you getting smashed in the face with a basketball. It looks so real! How did you guys shoot that?

WBStar: Joshua: The crew doesn't like me, so they smashed me in the face with a basketball.

WBStar: Joshua: The writers must not like me, they gave me a black eye and a broken nose in the pilot...

WBStar: Joshua: You have to give credit to the props guy, it was an air ball, a balloon that looked like a basketball.

Armadillo4: Joshua: does the cast feel any pressure having to open up a new night of programming for the WB network? It seems like they've trusted your show with a lot. Congratulations!

WBStar: JOSHUA: Thank you, I don't want to speak for the rest of the cast, but first off, Buffy is it, we're the new kids on the block...personally I don't feel any pressure, because we're done already, so it's out of my hands now. If we get picked up next year, then we can work out any kinks.

WBStar: Joshua: They have to tell us by March if they'll pick us up for a new season.

WBStar: q: With the first pilot, you flirted with the teacher, the second pilot, you did much more.... why?

WBStar: JOSHUA: we had to put ten minutes of new footage, that's why you got more bang for the buck.

LiveChatGuide: Joshua: Where will you be when the show premieres? And who do you plan to be with?

WBStar: Joshua: I'm going to be in New Orleans with all the kids except Katie. We will be pitching ourselves shamelessly.

goya: JOSHUA Have you ever met Michael Jackson?

WBStar: JOSHUA: He's my uncle.

WBStar: I didn't have any talent, they wouldn't let me sing, it was really hard growing up.

WBStar: Joshua: I was the sixth child.

LiveChatGuide: Joshua: What were you doing the first time you saw the promo commercial of "Dawson's Creek" on TV?

WBStar: Joshua: They showed them to us in North Carolina. It was kinda cool. The producer called us in, he was kinda giddy...

WBStar: Joshua: Not that I'm biased, but I think the commercials seem pretty damn good.

LiveChatGuide: == Goya wins an autograph picture of Joshua Jackson ==

WBStar: Joshua: It was like... Wow... I'm going to be on television.

WBStar: Joshua: You do the show and you work every day and you forget that it's going to be on t.v.

WBStar: Joshua: It's nice that we're all done, now we can sit back....

goya: JOSHUA Which actress do you most want to kiss?

WBStar: JOSHUA:'s not really a short list...

WBStar: JOSHUA: Most anybody's who's worked in the last decade.

ONESTACY: Josh could you please Tell me Where i can write to YOU or any other cast members of Dawson's Creek?

WBStar: Joshua: Joshua Jackson care of the WB Network.

LiveChatGuide: == ONESTACY wins an autograph picture of Joshua Jackson ==

WBStar: q: Are you on the internet?

WBStar: JOSHUA: As of last night I'm on the net; Last night I finally got a computer.

WBStar: JOSHUA: I have rejoined the 21st Century.

scott2: JOSHUA Is Pacey Witter more like Kevin Arnold or "wienerdog" from Welcome to the Dollhouse?

WBStar: Joshua: I'll have to go with "wienerdog". (laughs) Such a bizarre question....