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WB Live Chat from TCA Presstour '97

WBStar: MICHELLE is blonde, brown eyes about 5'6"
UltimateTV: Michelle Williams and Josh Jackson are walking in the room, they are awake and happy to be here.
WBStar: JOSHUA is a fox.
UltimateTV: So ask questions.
WBStar: to ask a question type: /ask joshua then type question
linus: Joshua Who are your acting influences?
WBStar: JOSHUA: My mother and my life, people around me.
linus: Michelle Who are your acting influences?
UltimateTV: Michelle: Any old film noir.
WBStar: MICHELLE looks a bit like Veronica Lake
wylie: JOSHUA What's it like working with Ian McKellen?
mcvortex: MICHELLE What's it like playing an alien?
WBStar: JOSHUA SAYS: I didn't get to work ON camera with him too much...he's always in character on set...which is kind of disturbing because he plays a war was wild seeing him walk around the set in an SS.
linus: Michelle Do you plan on writing?
UltimateTV: Michelle: I guess its not too much of an escape from normality.
linus: Michelle what did you learn from Jessica Lange?
WBStar: MICHELLE is content keeping her thoughts in a journal, but if she could write like Kevin Williamson...
UltimateTV: Michelle: Grace. Things that I don't think I really realize now. Just immeasurable...but above all, grace.
linus: Joshua What director would you like to someday work with?
WBStar: JOSHUA Says: Anybody who'll hire me.
WBStar: JOSHUA says: I haven't really compiled a list.
wylie: JOSHUA As a kid working on MacGyver, were you the envy of your peers?
WBStar: JOSHUA says: My mother worked on MacGuyver, I was an extra.
wylie: JOSHUA I think you are such a babe. Whaddya think of that pal?
WBStar: JOSHUA: Go girl.
UltimateTV: Josh:Yeowwww! Go girl.
mcvortex: MICHELLE Do you plan on attending college?
WBStar: JOSH SAYS: I hope that was a girl, actually.
UltimateTV: Michelle: Not at this pace. I'd really like to devote my focus to one place or another.
wylie: JOSHUA How does being from Canada help you with Hollywood?
WBStar: Which is your favorite Dostoyevsky: Notes From the Underground.
WBStar: Michelle says: "Notes from the Underground."
mcvortex: MICHELLE Who was in "A Mother's Justice?"
UltimateTV: Joshua: I don't have to be here. The way to be non-participatory is to just not live here. If Hollywood is a state of mind, then I'm an ignorant man.
WBStar: MICHELLE SAYS: Marilu Henner. The boy was Nick Stahl. -- regarding her TV movie "A Mothers Justice."
linus: Michelle which of the three actresses did you learn the most from?
WBStar: MICHELLE SAYS: It wasn't really the most or the best, it was different things from the three of them, with Jessica it was about grace, Michelle is ethereal, Jennifer is so complex.
UltimateTV: What was it like working with Emilio Estevez?
WBStar: He acted like a dad figure, he took them out bowling. "It was like growing up."
WBStar: Josh says: When I'm a washed up actor I'm going to write a tell-all book about it.
UltimateTV: Any little teasers you want to share with us now?
linus: Michelle What did you learn from Michelle Pfeiffer
UltimateTV: Josh: You'd relearn these influences and look at how these people had changed.
WBStar: JOSH SAYS: It was like a case study for young children. you'd relearn these people every two years (Mighty Ducks) We had a lot of fun too, cuz we were getting paid to play hockey.
linus: Michelle What director would you like to someday work with?
WBStar: Michelle says: I learned alot; what I learned cannot be expressed in words (Michelle does an interpretive dance)
WBStar: JOSHUA describe your character:
UltimateTV: Michele: most of them are dead, so I guess I don't have much of a chance.
WBStar: JOSHUA says: You're lookin' at him; I wish I could say my muse is creating a beautiful thing;